And then there were 2

Originally the plan had been to homeschool my youngest Unicorn, the 9 year old.

But here’s the thing, the 11 year old is miserable in traditional school. ¬†

And it’s not the school that makes him miserable, it’s the bullying.

The 2nd to last day he came home with marks on him, from a child he’s had negative interactions with all year, and the year before.

Yet they were placed in the same classroom for the upcoming year.

After a lot of thought, and discussion, we’ve agreed that instead he’ll homeschool this year with his sister, and me. ¬†There was a brief moment of thought on his part, because I didn’t want to be the mom who forced this on him, but he quickly agreed.

And you know what he’s been doing since we made the decision?


It’s like a big weight has been lifted off his chest (mind?), and all the worry, all the sleepless nights, all the feelings, he’s sleeping off.


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