Baby Chicks

We have 9 adult laying hens, we call them “the girls”.  They live in Cluckingham Palace.

We love our little flock and they are so much fun!  They are Jordana’s girls, they see her and come running, hoping for a treat (grapes are their favorite) and a little attention.  Right now they are all producing daily, which means we have 63 eggs a week (yep).   But we honestly do not know their age, they came with the house.  So we know that they potentially could all be the same age and stop producing around the same time.

We opted to add more to our flock, to ensure varying ages.  Jordana wanted a specific breed (lavender orpington) so we opted to get our babies from a hatchery.  Buying from a hatchery also allowed us to specify that we wanted females, and not just a straight run.

We picked four different breeds

All had to be hatching on the same day (important because you need to ship the babies at a day old).  It was NERVE WRACKING watching them go across country and tracking their shipment.

They’re about two weeks old now and Jordana wanted to share them with her pen-pal, so we set up a mini shoot.  They’re still really fluffy but they’re starting to feather, and look super goofy.

Three of the four don’t mind being held, but we have one that yells at the top of her lungs whenever she’s picked up.

They’re pretty easy to care for, they need to start at a temperature of 95 degrees to stay warm, and then you reduce their temp by five degrees every week until their cage temperature matches the outside temp, and they’re fully feathered.  They also need medicated feed, and we add probiotics and electrolytes to their water.

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