Books That My Dyslexic Daughter Loves

We are always looking for wonderful books for Sis.  I put a lot of stock in to reading, I think it is important, I think it is enjoyable, and I want my kids to love reading as much as I do.

For a long time I had two struggling readers in the house.  I get how frustrating it can be when you just want them to pick up a book and they can’t, or won’t.

Some tricks to help them to read that worked for us:

  1. Have books EVERYWHERE.  I would go to the library weekly (and still do), and just get as many books as possible on topics I knew that would interest them, and I left them everywhere, in the living room, in the car, in their room. 
  2. I try to read daily, where they can see me reading.  Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes I try to sit down, in the living room, and read.  I also make a point to listen to audio books so that Jordana knows, no matter how you read a book, it’s still reading and enjoyable.
  3. I do not pass judgement on what they read.  There is a time and place for literary masterpieces, and there is a time and a place to read just to enjoy a book that speaks to you.  Certainly there is age appropriate materials, and I’m not saying to give them a book that deals with subjects that may be too mature for them yet, but if it goes the other way, and they’re reading books geared towards younger readers I personally let it be, they’re reading and enjoying it.

Jordana is dyslexic, we had her diagnosed at age 7, and she personally prefers to read graphic novels; it breaks up the text making it easy for her to focus, and provides a lot of visual cues when she’s unsure of a word or phrase.  It’s not always easy to find graphic novels that are age appropriate but here are some of her favorites.  Click on the titles to reach the author’s website.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson

This is probably one of Sis’ absolute favorite series.  We picked up the first book a couple of years ago at Comicon and she has been hooked ever since!  This series feature a sweet and fun friendship between a spunky young 9 year old girl, and a hilarious unicorn; I would equate their relationship and humor level to that of Calvin and Hobbes.

Anything by Raina Telgemeir 

Jordana has read all of her books and absolutely adores them!  “Sisters” is probably Sis’ favorite book of her’s, the follow up to “Smile”.  Although Jordana does not have a sister, she was able to relate to the family and sibling dynamics (and rivalry!), and she loves the wit and humor that Telgemeir brings to all her books.

Ivy & Bean

We love Ivy & Bean, polar opposites who become the best of friends.  Their differences allow them to work together, and go on crazy adventures.  Jordana loves their friendship and ability to get along despite their differences.  The chapters are easy to read and provide images to go along with with books.

Little House on the Prairie

Jordana LOVES Laura, Ma, Pa, Carrie, Grace, and even Jack the bulldog!  The books are a timeless classic, and I’ve enjoyed reading them along with Jordana, making the crafts, and cooking similar foods.  Don’t stop with just the “Little House on the Prairie” either, the entire series paints such a beautiful picture of their lives, and Jordana has learned so much from reading them.  The books provide easy chapters and images to go along with text, and transport the reader back to a simpler time.

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