Green Kid Crafts Box

I recently ordered a Green Kid Crafts Box.  We’ve tried different ones in the past, and I’m always looking for a fun, put together box that add a fun activity or two to our day.  One that both Jordana and Westin is absolutely a bonus!

Westin was really excited about the Erupting Volcano project and immediately picked that to do.

We studied the shapes of volcanos and then came the fun part; building the volcano and making it erupt.

Westin picked to build a tall volcano, and then we did the classic vinegar and baking soda eruption.  Westin’s laugh as it happened was a mix of pure joy and evil genius.

Jordana immediately gravitated towards the geodes activity.   It was beautiful out, so we found an old, unpaired sock (not hard to do here) and headed out to smash some rocks.  We both agreed once we were done that we’re going to try to make the opened geodes in to necklaces.

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