I was trying to think of a way to describe our approach to homeschooling.

I love the concept of unschooling, but we are not true, 100% of the time, unschoolers.

I’m a firm believer in encouraging my children to follow their passions and interests.  I think that’s where true learning occurs.  Many of our children will have jobs that are not even created. I don’t think we can prepare them for that, but we can install a love of learning, exploration, investigation, and just a general vigor for life.

That’s not to say that I am opposed to curriculum, because I’m not, and that’s where I do not think I can call myself a 100% unschooler. We use a set math curriculum (teaching textbooks), and we’ve used things like the Prarier Primer for Little House on the Prairie, and my son is using the One Year Adventure Novel to guide him through writing a book this year.

But all fo that goes back to their interests.  Jordana LOVES Little House on the Prarie, and enjoys reading the books, and expanding her knowledge.  Westin loves to write, and enjoys writing books, the One Year Adventure Novel is just guiding him through the process.

But a lot of our learning does not happen within books, or curriculum, it happens in every day life.  Jordana taking care of her chickens daily, Westin building a fort or making a walking sticks, hikes, field trips, building, exploring.  Learning cake decorating or gardening for 4H, or hiking.