January Savings

I’m a pretty frugal girl.  I like to save money.  I’m not someone who carries credit card debt, and the thought of living outside of means gives me pure anxiety.  We don’t have cable, or even an antenna, and no matter how much I’d love to restart my Audible subscription, I try to rely on the library more.

With the new year I wanted to find other ways to save money.

I’d heard of Ibotta before, I think I even went as far as to download the app, but I never really “got it”.  I mean, it couldn’t be that hard, but I just never really understood how to use.  You guys, seriously I have two college degrees and didn’t know what to do.  But I digress.  It is so simple!  

Once the app is downloaded you simply pick the store you’re going to shop at, pick the offers (like coupons) that you plan on using, and go shopping!  Once you’re home you simply upload a picture of your receipt and select which offers you actually purchased.  Um, hello, so easy.

In January I earned $23 – you have to reach $20 to pull it out, they’ll send you a check.  I’ve opted to leave the money in there for now, kinda a rainy day fund.  At the end of year, if I can keep this going, I’ll have about $250 which I can use for Christmas, or a staycation to somewhere fun like Great Wolf Lodge (you guys, I need to go!), or a subscription to audible.

In my head that’s a pretty great return for minimal work.

Some final thoughts on Ibotta

-before you upload be sure to scan your receipt and offers and see if there are any you missed, and add it before you upload receipt

-a lot of the food is prepackaged, BUT I’ve found a lot of good, healthy foods too – dairy free yogurt, kombucha, bananas and other fruits, and make-up

-sometimes there is an offer but not at the store I plan on shopping at, because of where I live that is just not viable, I’m not going to drive an extra 30-minutes out of my way for a $.50 credit, you guys – it’s just not worth it

-And please, just like with anything, don’t buy something just because you have a coupon, you guys, don’t spend money just for the sake of saving money!

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