Mountain Homeschooling – Frank the Freedom Bird

We’re still getting accustom to living at 8800ft.

Nothing is close by, every trip requires planning, but then again, nothing is close.  We live across the street from a national forest, I see more humming birds, squirrels, and elk than I do humans.  It is quieter and the stars are brighter.  I’m glad that we chased this dream, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Part of the allure of where we live are three private lakes.  They are all within walking distance and provide a quiet option for any day.  As we try hard to be intentional in schooling and ensure that much of it is unstructured, we have the perfect excuse to visit the lakes, and often.

The other day we wandered over there with two of the dogs and were doing a pretty good job of not doing anything; Jordana was wading in the cold water, Westin was skipping stones, I was just sitting when we saw him; Frank the Freedom Bird.  (thanks Westin for his name)

Swooping down to the (very well stocked) lake was a bald eagle!  You guys!  Legit I had never seen one in the wild until I was well in to my 30s…. and here was one just yards from us!

Eventually he caught lunch and then he flew over to a dead tree near us and ATE IT!  It was the coolest experience.

We talked about Eagles, and raptors in general.  We discussed what made them different from other birds and the potential of a nest nearby. (oh please let us see babies this summer!) The tree he ate in was up an inaccessible hill, otherwise we would have gone and viewed the bits he dropped.

And I thought this, this is why I homeschool.  These experiences are organic, and interesting, and fun.  My kids don’t need to do any copy work related to this experience to learn from it, they just did.  And they haven’t stopped talking about it.

Everyone homeschools for different reasons, and needs, and in different styles, and with different curriculum, but this is what works for us.

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