Weekly Task Sheets

New Year, New Goals

I’m a pretty hands-off mom, I try not to hover, I believe my kids can do it, and this applies to homeschool too.  I do the notebook method with them, their tasks written for the day, and it’s just to them to budget their time, and get it done.  And it totally works for us!

And now that we have a house, and more chores, I needed a simple way to make sure things get done.  Because, while I am very laid back, there is nothing I hate more than getting to the end of the week and feeling behind!

And it’s not that my kids don’t know what needs to get done, but sometimes the days get busy and it’s 9 at night and we realize we’ve forgotten something.

I had a couple of thoughts in making this list:

-I didn’t want to have to reinvent the wheel every week, so something I can print off, and add to as needed, fit that bill.  I intentionally left the right side of each day blank for added notes.

-No fancy colors, or graphics.  I don’t have to tell you that homeschooling means you print, a lot, at least I do, so black and white, and little ink was what I needed.

-Easy for the kids to follow.  I can say clean the bathroom, or I can list what three things I need done in the bathroom, the later saves my sanity.

How do you track chores at your house?  

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